Traffic Police

History of Police Marine Force

The Police Marine Force earlier known as Police Coast Guard came into existence in A&N Islands in the year 1957 as an adjutant to Andaman & Nicobar Police. In the year 1978, the Police Coast Guard has re-structured and named as Police Marine Force (PMF). Presently PMF Unit is utilizing Fast Interceptor Boats/Dinghies/Rubberized Inflatable Boats for maintaining surveillance and patrolling.

Need for Police Marine Force

  • Safeguarding coastline against illegal activities.
  • Detection of foreign intrusion.
  • Foreign intruders settling down in our isolated uninhabited Islands.
  • Foreign intruders using our scattered, uninhabited Islands for drug operations, weapon smuggling extremist activities etc.

Duties of Police Marine Force

  • Undertake coastal area patrolling upto 5 NM (jurisdictional responsibility upto 12 NM), The responsibility from 0-200 NM, EEZ and High Seas lies with Indian Coast Guard and Indian Navy  respectively.
  • Checking and establishing the Identity of fishermen venturing in territorial waters.
  • Apprehension of foreign intruders.
  • Search and Rescue operations in and around creeks and shallow waters.
  • Assist rescue and rehabilitation operation in case of natural calamities and disaster.

Duties/Responsibilities assigned to Marine Police Control Room

  • Patrolling and surveillance at shallow areas close to coastline.
  • Checking and countering illegal and criminal activities.
  • To promote the feeling of safety & security among fishermen tourist and people living in coastal areas.
  • To provide 24 x 7 Assistance & Service to the fishermen & General public through Coastal Help line No 1093(Hotline).
  • Keeping a sharp watch over the ethnic settlers who aid the intruders.
  • To coordinate with various agencies like Indian Navy & Coast Guard, Fisheries Department to collect coastal intelligence.
  • To monitor the movements of various vessels in the Inland waters.
  • Phone No. 03192-239247 and Hotline 1093.

Assets of Police Marine Force

  • The Police Marine Force conducts coastal patrolling by Interceptor Boats/Dinghies/Rubberized Boats.
  • Ten Fast Interceptor Boats deployed.
  • Scuba diving unit established.