Island Police Radio

Island Police Radio came into existence during the third quarter of 1946 with 3 land stations (South Andaman, Car Nicobar, Long Island) and 6 mobile (on board vessel) stations. Reorganized in 1952 with 1 Inspector, 12 RT(Radio Technicians) & 64 RO (Radio Operators). Today the total strength of Police Radio personnel is streched to 284. 

Island communication has 23 HF static stations, 5 Weather report Collection (part time observatory) stations, 7 Cipher Stations are functioning round the clock communication in these Islands.  In addition, 209 VHF Static stations, 129 Mobile Stations, 293 Hand Held Sets & 08 Repeater stations (Un-Manned) are functioning one each at Mount Harriet, PHQ (Atlanta Point), Dog Squad (Austinabad), Potatang (ATR), Sabari (Rangat) and Rest Camp(Mayabunder) for maximum coverage of VHF communication in and around Port Blair area and North & Middle Andaman District. Further repeater stations each at R.K Pur (Little Andaman) and Pilpoillo (Nancowry) are functioning to extend VHF communication coverage in the respective areas.

  • Today Island Communication has 23 HF static stations (Sl. No. 1 to 16 are equipped with Burst Error Control system for Teleprinter (BEST) communication equipment) as detailed below:
Port Blair (Signal Centre) Neil Island Havelock Baratang
Kadamtala      Rangat Mayabunder Kalighat
Diglipur Hut Bay    Car Nicobar Katchal
Nancowry Campbell Bay          Long Island Teressa
Strait Island         Dugong Creek       Chowra     Narcondum
Tillang Chong    Makachuva      Afra Bay     

  • Three Multi-Purpose Communication Vans equipped with HF, VHF equipment, portable generator sets and a mini Radio workshop one each stationed at Port Blair, Mayabunder and Campbell Bay to meet communication in the event of emergency.
  • Island communication provides service around the clock, even in far flung scattered Islands.
  • A Central Control Room is functioning under SP(D) South Andaman, Port Blair to maintain Law & Order and other exigency in A & Islands.
  • Besides Law and Order messages related to A&N Police, Island communication is also extending services to the Central and all departments of A&N Administration throughout these Islands.
  • Messages related to emergent evacuation of serious patients from out stations to Port Blair are being delivered round the clock to all the concerned like the Boat Master of vehicle ferry services in-between Kadamtala & Gandhighat and Baratang & Middle Strait jetties.
  • Messages related to urgent procurement of HSD oil for Power House, spare parts for generators/ ferry boats etc. for outlying Islands are being communicated through Island Communication round the clock.
  • Messages related to specialized treatment being prescribed by the specialist for the patients under treatment in the outlying PHCs and CHCs are being promptly received and delivered round the clock.
  • Provides SMS message service to all senior officers of A&N Police as well as the A&N Administration during the Earth Quake.

    Island communication helps the Indian Meteorological Department in collection of weather data from the following 5 stations:-
        1. Mayabunder
        2. Long Island
        3. Hut Bay
        4. Car Nicobar
        5. Nancowry

Police Radio Stations with Phone Numbers

S.No Police Radio (PR) Station Phone Number
1. Port Blair (Signal Centre) 03192-232741
2. Neil Island 03192-282676
3. Havelock 03192-282029
4. Baratang 03192-279678
5. Kadamtala 03192-267136
6. Rangat 03192-274223
7. Mayabunder 03192-273204
8. Kalighat 03192-278129
9. Diglipur 03192-272225
10. Hut Bay 03192-284210
11. Car Nicobar 03193-265231
12.  Katchal 03193-295500
13.  Nancowry 03193-263201
14.  Campbell Bay 03193-264212
15. Long Island 03192-215934
16.  Teressa 03193-294066