Port Blair, May 21: An engine dinghy alongwith six persons was traced from near North Passage Island and rescued safely by A&N Police 20th May 2015.

On 19th May at 1630 hrs, information of a missing dinghy carrying 06 persons including 02 females and 02 children was reported at Havelock Police Station. The dinghy reportedly proceeded from Havelock for Kadamtala on 18th May at 2100 hrs and it was supposed to reach Kadamtala in the morning of 19th May 2015. Immediately the patrolling vessel of Marine Police Force along with sufficient staff was dispatched from PS Havelock for the search and rescue of missing persons and dinghy. Extensive search operations were conducted in the sea and alongside the creeks of Peel Island, John Lawrence Island, Wilson Island, Nicolson Island and part of Strait Island and Passage Island.

In the evening, the Pradhan, Gram Panchayat, Govind Nagar, PRI Members and Members of Fishermen Watch Group were alerted and meetings were held with them and appealed to them to extend all possible help in search of the missing persons and dinghy. Wireless Message was also flashed to the JOC (A&N), Coast Guard (RHQ) and D.S.S for ensuing search operations. 

Again, in the early morning on 20th May, patrolling vessel of Police Marine Force alongwith Police party was dispatched from Havelock for conducting search operation. Besides, a PMF boat stationed at MOC Kadamtala was also engaged in the search operation. Despite of bad weather and turbulent sea, the Police vessels continued the search operation and at about 1100 hrs (20/05/15) the missing dinghy and all the missing persons on board were located near North Passage Island by Police vessel and rescued to Kadamtala. Due to bad weather and turbulent sea, they had taken shelter near North Passage Island and they were rescued because of the tireless and sincere efforts made by Police personnel of Police Marine Force and Local Police of Kadamtala and Havelock and the JOC.

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