Apr 28: It has been observed that in the recent past accidents involving two wheelers have increased resulting in loss of precious life. Analysis of accidents involving two wheelers has revealed that the accidents are occurring because of various reasons like Drunken Driving; Triple Riding (Specially on Scooties); Not following traffic rules (Specially lane violation); Use of mobile phone while driving; Zig-Zag driving/negligent and rash driving and Minors driving vehicles. It has also been observed by the Traffic Police that in case of two wheeler riders and the pillion riders are not wearing helmets. In some cases both are without helmet or pillion rider is without helmet. Head injuries are the major reason of death/serious disabilities. In view of the above general public is urged to follow the traffic rules and wear helmet properly strapped and secured. It is also urged that both rider and the pillion shall wear helmet properly secured for their own safety and others safety.
Violators such as drunken driving, triple riding, minor driving etc. shall be dealt with strictly as per law, a release issued by Andaman’s Traffic Department said here today.
News Link: http://www.andamansheekha.com/2016/04/28/police-issues-advisory-for-two-wheeler-riders/