Port Blair, Apt 19: A Police team of Havelock today intercepted illegal smuggling of 43 pieces of timber, including 27 pieces of precious and rare Khadi Mauha from Radha Nagar beach.

According to Andaman Sheekha sources when police team reached Radha Nagar Beach of Havelock following a tip off, people who were offload timber from a dinghy escaped. However 11 labourers who were shifting the timbers inside Barefoot Resort were intercepted by police.

The Police Department intimated the Forest Department and the case was later handed over to the Forest Department but as per the details none of the 11 labourers were arrested by Forest Department. However all 43 pieces of timber have been seized by Forest Department.

In this case what further action has been taken by the Forest Department against these people who were involved in illegal extraction of precious timber, is not known.

It is suspected that a highly organised gang is illegally extracting rare and precious timbers from forest of remote Islands and supplying it to big parties at Havelock for various construction works.

News Link : http://www.andamansheekha.com/2015/04/20/police-intercepts-forest-department-seizes-43-pieces-of-illegal-timber-from-radha-nagar-beach/