Car Nicobar, June 8: The Kinyuka village of Car Nicobar was selected for development as Aadarsh Gram of Nicobar District under Saansad Aadarsh Gram Yojna Scheme launched by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India. In this regard, the District police is under taking various measures like identification of parking place, systematic parking of vehicles, placement of traffic signages and construction of police booth in the village. On 07.06.2015 the district police organized an awareness programme on “Crime Against Women” in the community hall of the Kinyuka village. Altogether 125 women attended the programme alongwith Shri Otheniel Timothy, 1st Headman Kinyuka village Car Nicobar. During the programme they were made aware about important legal rights of women like free legal aid, right to privacy while recording of statement, privilege of lodging a complaint via Email or registered post, lodging of complaint by a rape victim from any police station, no arrest of women after sunset, no calling of women in the police station for interrogation, protection of identity of a rape victim and creation of committee on sexual harassment within the organization for redressal, etc. All the women present in the programme took keen interest during the class and they appreciated the programme and the knowledge shared by the police. The programme was organized by Shri N. Rasheed, SDPO Car Nicobar and staff under the overall supervision of Shri Pankaj Kumar Singh, IPS Superintendent of Police, Nicobar District. district&catid=37:top-news&Itemid=142