Port Blair, May 25: It is brought to the notice of general public that due to prevailing weather conditions, transmission and distribution systems gets frequently damaged thereby causing interruption in power supply. Falling of tree branches and twigs on power transmission lines affects the feeder control panels at Power Houses and power supply gets unstable due to automatic tripping of power supply.

However, the departmental officers and staff are working round the clock to clear the fallen trees and rectification of damages caused to transmission and distribution systems and Power Houses. 

The general public is cautioned not to touch the damaged electric poles and conductors fallen on the ground/road and to report about such incidents to the nearest Site Office of the Electricity department or Police Station immediately to avoid any mishap.

News Link : http://www.andamanchronicle.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=6858:weather-condition-25th-may-2015&catid=37:top-news&Itemid=142