Commendable Job by two Police Constables; Five people rescued despite challenges

Diglipur, Dec 11: Five people were rescued from flood water inundated Desh Bandhu Gram area of Diglipur by two Police Constables namely Aakash and Manoj on Saturday while they were already on another search operation in the area.
As per reports, while tirelessly searching for a missing resident of the area, braving rain, both the Police Constables heard some noise of people shouting for help from a distant and almost submerged house, at the DB Gram area.
To help them, both the constables anyhow managed to find a Dinghy from the nearby area but later they found the dinghy was not having sufficient fuel.
The Police Constable then anyhow managed to get some diesel from an IRBn Truck and immediately started for the house.
After reaching the house they found five people stranded in flood waters. They immediately rescued two ladies and three gents.
It is learnt that while the Police Constables were returning from the house after rescuing all the five people, they faced heavy current in flood waters but because of the skills of the dinghy operator, Mr. Tarun Paul, they managed to bring all five people safely to dry land.

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