Port Blair, Oct. 24: The Director General of Police,Shri Rajesh Malik today launched the following Schemes of A&N Traffic Police.

Third Eye Scheme - for reporting of traffic offence through social media Facebook, Twitter and whatsApp as a initiative for involving participation of the community in policing and reducing traffic violations to have a smooth and congestion free motoring experience to the citizens. Police are not presence everywhere but citizens are. By use of their smart phones they can click photos of traffic violations and report to the Facebook page www.facebook.com/AndamanNicobarTrafficPolice/ , Twitter handle https://twitter.com/ANTrafficPolice , WhatsApp number 9531892228. Every citizen who’s information leads to a successful challan will earn points and on accumulation of 5000 points, he will be eligible for attractive prizes through a lucky draw. So come forward and report traffic violations. The photo/video clip to clearly capture, the number plate of the vehicle/two wheeler and include details like your name, Phone number, date of occurrence, place of occurrence, time of occurrence in the message/post for successful prosecution of violation. 

Traffic Warden Scheme - Peoples’ participation in the regulatory activities of Traffic Police is a key to societal acceptance of traffic regulations that ensure efficient vehicular traffic and safety on the streets. Active involvement & cooperation of citizens is necessary to effectively manage traffic. The Traffic Warden Scheme of A&N Traffic Police aims at achieving this synergy through participative regulation of traffic.

Appeal is made to the citizens to come forward to enroll as “Traffic Warden” to assist Traffic Police in regulation of traffic. These way citizens can contribute towards the society and discharge their social and civic responsibility by contributing 2 hours per day thrice a week. Join hands with traffic police to strengthen them for regulation and congestion free roads.  

News Link : http://www.andamanchronicle.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=9919:a-n-traffic-police-launches-third-eye-and-traffic-warden-scheme&catid=37:top-news&Itemid=142