Superintendent of Police :
Smt.Niharika Bhatt, IPS
Tele/Fax No. 03192-233077(O)
SDPO South Andaman :
Shri. Vikas, IPS, ASP
Contact No. 03192-232405(O)
SDPO Bamboofat :
Shri. Vinay Mathur, Dy. SP
Contact No. 03192-258019(O)
SDPO Swaraj Dweep :
Shri. Manasvi Vashistha, Dy. SP
Contact No. 03192-282249(O)


Prior to 1991 entire A & N Islands was only one Police District, Port Blair. In 1991 it was separated into two districts i.e Andaman Police District and Nicobar Police District. In the month of August 2006, the Andaman Police District was further separated into two districts i.e. South Andaman District and North & Middle Andaman District.

Police Stations 

Presently there are nine Police Stations in South Andaman District

  • PS Aberdeen
  • PS Pahargaon
  • PS Chatham
  • PS Humfrigunj
  • PS Bambooflat
  • PS Ograbraj
  • PS Hutbay
  • PS Swaraj Dweep
  • PS Shaheed Dweep

Besides nine Police Stations in the district, there are eight Out Posts, four Jarawa Protection Posts(JPPs) and two Look Out Posts(LOPs)

  • OP Rut Land 
  • OP Wimberlygunj 
  • OP Mile Tilak 
  • OP Ferrargunj 
  • OP Dundas Point 
  • OP Tirur 
  • OP R.K. Pur 
  • OP Radha Nagar 
  • JPP Jirkatang 
  • JPP Tirur No.4 
  • JPP Tirur 1/A 
  • JPP Hazaribagh 
  • LOP Dugong Creek 
  • LOP Strait Island 

SDPO South Andaman supervises the functioning of : 

  • PS Aberdeen
  • PS Pahargaon
  • PS Chatham 

SDPO Bambooflat supervises the functioning of : 

  • PS Humfrigunj
    • OP Rut Land
  • PS Bambooflat
    • OP Wimberlygunj 
    • OP Mile Tilak
    • JPP Jirkatang
  • PS Ograbraj
    • OP Tirur 
    • JPP Tirur No.4 
    • JPP Tirur 1/A 
    • JPP Hazaribagh

 SDPO Swaraj Dweep supervises the functioning of : 

  • PS Hutbay
    • OP RK Pur
    • LOP Dugong Creek
  • PS Swaraj Dweep
    • OP Radha Nagar
    • LOP Strait Island
  • Shaheed Dweep

In general, the crime rate is high in South Andaman District compare to the other two districts of A&N Islands. Total 734 cases have been registered in South Andaman District during the year 2021. Out of which 311 are IPC, 342 are excise cases and rest 81 cases are relating to Local & Special Laws.
The population of South Andaman District is 2,37,586 as per the census of 2011 and the area of this district is 3106 Sq. KMs. Jarawa reserve area is located at the western coast of South Andaman District. The Strait Island under PS Swaraj Dweep of this district is an inhabitant of Great Andamanese and the Dugong Creek in Little Andaman in this district is the inhabitant of Onge tribe.

The details of three Police Sub-divisions and nine Police Stations functioning in South Andaman District are given below:

South Andaman Sub Division

The South Andaman Sub Division is consisting of three Police Stations i.e. Aberdeen, Pahargaon and Chatham. The office of Sub-Divisional Police Officer is functioning at the first floor of Police Station Aberdeen building. The contact number of the SDPO(SA) office is 03192-232405. The details of Police Stations functioning under this Police Sub-division is as under:

Police Station Aberdeen:

This Police Station is located in the heart of Port Blair, the capital of these Islands. The main jurisdiction of this Police Station is the Port Blair Municipal area including Mini Bay (Naval area), measuring about 14.14 Sq. Kms and also consists of 41 villages. The offices of the Hon’ble Lt. Governor, A & N Administration, Secretariat, Circuit Bench of High Court Kolkata, Court of Session and District Judge and other Judicial Courts, District Administration, Police Head Quarters, various other State/Central Govt. Departments exist in this Police Station jurisdiction. The approximate population under this Police Station is around 2.5 lakhs including the floating population. The population of the South Andaman District mainly consist of Bengalis, Tamilians and locals. Dairy Farm, Prem Nagar, Dugnabad, Phoenix Bay, Shadipur and Junglighat are thickly populated areas and mostly populated by labour classes. Most of the population is Tamil and Telugu speaking.

Police Station Pahargaon :

Prior to 1992, it was functioning as Reporting Out Post under the jurisdiction of PS Aberdeen. In the year of 1992, it has been notified as Police Station vide notification No. 187 of Andaman & Nicobar Gazette. Prior to 2003, the jurisdiction of this Police Station was approximately 42.50 Sq. KM comprising of 23 villages and 4 Reporting Out Posts comprising OP Shaheed Dweep, OP Swaraj Dweep, OP Humphrygunj and OP Rut Land. But in the year 2003 OP Swaraj Dweep has been declared as Police Station having jurisdiction over OP Shaheed Dweep and in July 2005 OP Humfrigunj has been notified as Police Station having jurisdiction only OP Rut land. In the year 2011, OP Shaheed Dweep has also declared as Police Station. At present, there is no reporting Out Post falls under the jurisdiction of this Police Station but there is a proposal to open one Out Post at Burma Nallah which is yet to be materialized due to non-availability of suitable land. Bathu Basti, Pathar Gudda, Garacharama-I & II and old Pahargaon village Most of the population of this Police Station is Tamil, Telugu and Bengali speaking people are residing.

Police Station Chatham:

This Police Station was functioning as an Out Post under Police Station Aberdeen since 20/05/1952. This Out Post has been upgraded into a full-fledged Police Station on 03/03/2004 in view of the strategic importance and acute increase in crime rate. This Police Station is situated at a distance of 04 Km from Police Station Aberdeen, located at the entrance of causeway leading to Chatham Saw Mill and at tri-junction, diverting towards seashore road connecting to Aberdeen Bazar, another to Haddo Bazar which bifurcates into two ways one leading to Haddo Jetty and another to Delanipur Bazar. This Police Station comprises of 09 villages totalling a population about a lakh which comprises of a mixed population of Telugu, Tamil, Ranchi, Bengali, Punjabi and locals. Every day about 20,000 peoples move up and down onboard the ferry boats from Chatham ferry jetty to and from Bambooflat.

Bambooflat Sub Division :

This Sub-division was earlier named Middle Andaman Sub-division. Now it has been named as Bambooflat Sub-division. PS Baratang and Kadamtala were also functioning in this Sub-division but now it has been allocated to the newly formed Sub-Division Rangat.
Bambooflat Sub Division covers the areas mainly Bambooflat, North Bay, Ograbraj, Chouldhari, Tirur, Ferrargunj, Jirkatang etc. The areas are accessible by road. Police Station Bambooflat is located North of Port Blair whereas the Police Station Ograbraj is located North West of Port Blair. The Maximum areas of Police Station Bambooflat and Ograbraj is designated as Jarawa Reserve Area. The Police Station Humfrigunj has recently been inducted into Bambooflat Sub-division. It was earlier functioning under South Andaman Sub-division. The Police Stations under this Sub-division are as under:-

Police Station Bambooflat:

The Police Station is in existence since 1945. In the year 1968, Bambooflat was made an Out Post under Police Station, Wimberly Gunj. Again in the year 1992, the Police Station shifted to the present location as Police Station Bambooflat.
The Police Station, Bambooflat belonging to erstwhile jurisdiction of South Andaman sub-division was included in Middle Andaman Sub-Division by the Notification No. 6-62-Home dated 07th September 1993 and subsequent amendment by the Notification No. 181/92/6-62/92 Home Dated 18th December 1992. Further, vide Notification No/2013.FNo.4-87/2012-Home dated 18th March 2013 this Police Station covers under SDPO, Bambooflat. The Police Station Bambooflat is functioning from the present location since 22.11.1992 and is located near Bambooflat Jetty i.e. side-by-side on an area of 0.19 hectors bearing Survey No. 615 under Ferrargunj Tehsil.
The Police Station has two Out Posts viz OP Wimberly Gunj & OP Mile Tilak and one JPP Jirkatang under its jurisdiction. There are 42 villages are falling under the jurisdiction of PS Bambooflat out of these 19 villages are directly under the control of PS Bambooflat.
The jurisdiction of Police Station, Bambooflat is spread over about 70 km North, 01 Km Southwest, 24 km Southeast, 10 Km North-East, 11 Km East from the P.S. Building. The total area under this Police Station is around 102 Sq. Km of which 85-90% is Forest area.

Police Station Ograbraj:

The Police station is located on the Andaman Trunk Road at a distance of about 25 km from Port Blair and 28 km from sub-Divisional Head Quarter, Bambooflat. This Police Station is covering vast jurisdiction scattered in 23 villages with an approximate population of 37134 representing Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Bhatu, Malabar Muslim and Ranchi community. Three Out Post namely O.P. Ferrargunj, O.P. Tirur, O.P. Dundus Point and 03 JPPs namely JPP Tirur No.4, JPP Tirur No.1A and JPP Hazaribag are falling under this Police Station. Earlier this Police Station was functioning at Dundus Point and on 09th September 2013, the Police Station was shifted to this Existing building of Ograbraj.

Police Station Humfrigunj:

The Police Station Humfreygunj has situated to the South of Port Blair at a distance about 18 km. the decedents of Burmese and Sri Lankan convicts were settled in Humfreygunj and Maymyo. With the repatriation of Burmese national and the settlements of Bengali settlers under the colonization scheme, there was a sudden spurt in the increase of population. The Sri Lankan refugees unilaterally settled in Maymyo on the land vacated by the Burmese nationals without any authority and named this place as Indra Nagar. They have taken to cultivation as their main profession but some of them indulge in bootlegging. In the jurisdiction of Humfrigunj, there is a memorial from the name those killed and buried by the Japanese. At present, the mixed population consists of Bengalis, Tamil, a few Burmese nationals and the locals. The jurisdiction of PS Humfreygunj is geographically vast, having 03 Panchayats namely Guptapara, Humfreygunj and Shippighat. The famous water reservoir, Dhani Khari, the lifeline of Port Blair., is within the jurisdiction of this PS. Besides, there is a Botanical garden and Rubber plantation. Tourist spots namely Jolly Bouy, Red Skin, Cinque Island, Sippighat farm and Wandoor beach fall under this PS jurisdiction. This PS was previously under the jurisdiction South Andaman subdivision but with the recreations of three new subdivisions, the PS Humfreygunj was brought under the jurisdiction of the Bambooflat subdivision. The PS is approximately 22 km away from the PS Bambooflat.

Swaraj Dweep Sub-Division:

This sub-division has also been newly formed. Earlier its jurisdiction was under South Andaman Sub-division.
Swaraj Dweep Sub Division consists of Shaheed Dweep, Swaraj Dweep and Little Andaman (Hut Bay). Shaheed Dweep and Swaraj Dweep Islands are located about 19-20 KMs to the North East of Port Blair and are accessible by ship services. The Police Station Hut Bay is located in Little Andaman which is about 100 kms South of Port Blair. The details of Police Stations falling under this sub-division is as under:-

Police Station Hut Bay:

The Police Station Hut Bay is located at a distance of about 66 Nautical miles from Port Blair towards the south and only accessibly by sea/air Route. The jurisdiction of this Police Station covers an area of 777 Sq. Kms consisting of seven villages are Hut Bay, Netaji Nagar, R.K. Pur, Rabindra Nagar & Vivekananda Pur and 2 villages namely Harminder Bay & Dugong Creek are tribal areas. Harminder Bay village is located at a distance of about 09 KM south from PS Hut Bay inhabited by Nicobarese tribes. The other village namely Dugong Creek is located at a distance of about 40 Kms from PS Hut Bay and inhabited by Onge tribes. These villages are populated under various rehabilitation settlement schemes. Besides, there is a population from almost all the states of union of India but the majority of people belongs to the Bengali community. The total population of Little Andaman is around 30,000-35,000. Most of the population are engaged in cultivation. The Island is known for the cultivation of vegetables which are exported to Port Blair and Car Nicobar Island. Two main Industries are Coconut powder factory & Palm Oil factory, Palm plantations have been done by forest department Here, the main attraction is Butler Bay Beach, Kalla Pahar (Natural swimming pool), Waterfall, South way for visitors.

Police Station Swaraj Dweep:

This PS is situated on an island at a distance of about 45 KM from Port Blair towards East and the area is about 113.92 Sq. Km. There is ferry services available on every day from Port Blair to this Island. Prior to 26th March 2004, this PS was functioning as Out Post under PS Pahargaon. One Out Post namely Radha Nagar and other LOP namely Strait Island is functioning under this PS. There is a world-famous sea beach, Radha Nagar of this Island. Foreigners & Indians tourist are coming daily to this Island for seeing the natural beauty of Island. Elephant beach also the main attraction for Snorkeling and Scuba Diving for visitors. Swaraj Dweep has now become one of the main attraction of A& N Islands for visiting tourists and VVIP/VIP due to its scenic beauty, beautiful beaches. The total population of this Island is approximately 8500, which mainly consists of Bengali settlers who were settled under the colonization/rehabilitation scheme. They have been allotted 5/5 Hectr. Of paddy and hilly land free of the coast from the Govt. of India at the time of their settlement. Apart from them, labourers of Forest departments, APWD, Agriculture, Electricity and other departments, Private Mazdoors are also residing here. There are total of 09 villages namely Govind Nagar, Shyam Nagar, Vijay Nagar, Radha Nagar, Krishna Nagar, Gandhi Nagar, Kala Patter are falling under this PS and 01 village under Strait Island. The other surrounding Island under this PS is Lawrence Island, Peal Island, North-West Island, Outrum Island, English Island and Henry Lawrence. All these Islands are uninhabited except Lawrence Island where some forest labourers are residing. All these Islands including Swaraj Dweep have plenty of commercial and non-commercial forest products. In this Island, anti-poaching operation are the main activity by Police Personnel.

Police Station Shaheed Dweep:

Shaheed Dweep is located in a separate Island, which is situated at a distance of 37 KMs from Port Blair in North-East direction and 22 KMs from PS Swaraj Dweep, having an area of 18.91 Sq. KM. This Island is also accessible by Ferry Boats from Port Blair, Rangat Bay, Long Island and Swaraj Dweep.
Police Station Shaheed Dweep has started functioning since 11.02.2011. Prior to this, it was an Out Post under the Jurisdiction of Police Station Swaraj Dweep. The approximate population under the jurisdiction is about 3500 most of them are Bengali community have settled here under rehabilitation scheme. Mostly migrated from erstwhile East Pakistan, who was bought in 1969 under the colonization scheme. A few families of Tamil & Ranchi communities have later settled here. Most of the population are engaged in cultivation. The Island is known for the cultivation of vegetables which are exported to Port Blair and other Islands.
There are five villages namely Neil Kendra, Bharatpur, Laxmanpur, Sitapur and Ram Nagar. Since Shaheed Dweep is emerging as a major tourist attraction with proximity with Swaraj Dweep. The arrivals of tourist have increased phenomenally. Famous sea beaches, Sun Set Point, Sea Glass water boats ride to see corrals and fishes, Snorkeling and Scuba Diving are the main attraction for visitors.

Convoy System on ATR in Jarawa reserve area:

The Police department providing escort to each convoy at the Front, Back and Middle from Jirkatang to Middle Strait. Commuters travelling the ATR can return back to Port Blair are the other side on the same day. The main objective of the convoy system is to protect the interest of the aboriginal tribes of Jarawas residing in South and Middle Andaman. The tourist on Andaman Trunk Road will be strictly monitored to ensure that there is no interaction between Jarawas and the Tourist. Vehicles on Andaman Trunk Road will be allowed to move only in restricted hours and in convoy under the notified speed limit to avert possible road accidents and to avoid any sort of interaction of travellers with Jarawas.

Do’s & Don’ts for Travelling on Andaman Trunk Road in Jarwa Reserve Area


    • Drive the vehicles carefully and only in a convoy
    • Solitary driving risks your life and property as well as Jarawas
    • Enter Jarawa Tribal reserve only after proper entry at respective Police Check Posts
    • Switch “Off” you photo capturing devices while passing through Jarawa Reserve Tribal area


    • Do not allow the Jarawas to get into vehicles
    • Do not give any items eatable, clothes etc to Jarawas
    • Do not indulge in Photography / Videography either in Jarawa Tribal Reserve area or of Jarawas otherwise, you will be liable for legal action including seizure of camera / Mobile
    • Do not stop vehicles in the Jarawa Tribal Reserve Area otherwise, you will be liable for legal action including impounding of the vehicle.

Punishments for Violations of PAT Regulation

S.No Violations Punishments
1. Promoting tourism activities, directly or indirectly through advertisement relating to aboriginal tribes Punishment may extend from 3 years to 7 years imprisonment with fine up to Rs.10,000/-
2. Taking photography / Videography of aboriginal tribes.
3. Hunting, poaching of animals and encroaching land in Jarawa reserve area.
4. Introduction of any form of alcohol, any highly inflammable or explosive substance, any form of biological germs and bacteria or virus to any member of aboriginal tirbe.
5. Setting up of large scale of tourist & commercial establishments in Buffer Zone.

Declaration to be furnished by the driver of private/ commercial vehicle's (Except stage carriage buses) travelling on ATR passing through Jarwa reserved area

Police Stations Area and Boundaries

S.No Name of Sub-Division Name of Police Stations Area and boundary of Police Station forming the Jurisdiction Name of Sub-Ordinate Out Post Jurisdiction over the area
1. South Andaman (HQs) SDPO at Port Blair Aberdeen Port Blair I.E.
  • Aberdeen Bazar, 
  • Aberdeen Village, 
  • Dignabad, 
  • Sisty Nagar, 
  • Marine Hill, 
  • Atlanta Point, 
  • R.G.T. Road, 
  • South Point, 
  • Shadipur, 
  • Nayagaon, 
  • Chakkar Gaon, 
  • Police Line, 
  • Deen Street, 
  • Junglighat, 
  • Dairy Farm, 
  • Lamba Line, 
  • School Line, 
  • Minnie Bay, 
  • Goal Ghar, 
  • Prem Nagar, 
  • Phoenix Bay, 
  • Mohanpura, 
  • Carbyn’s Cove including Ross Island.
  • Delanipur, 
  • Andaman Nicobar Command, 
  • Teal House, 
  • AIR, 
  • Buniyadabad, 
  • Panipat Road, 
  • MES Officer 
  • Mess, 
  • Command Mess, 
  • 10C, 
  • Kumra Kethi, 
  • Lillipur, Megapode, 
  • Tourist Home, 
  • Circuit House-I & II, 
  • Anarkali Basti, 
  • Haddo Bazar, 
  • Haddo Jetty, 
  • Chatham
  • The Entire Area Covered By Villages New Pahargaon, 
  • Old Pahargaon, 
  • Pathargudda, 
  • Bathu Basti, 
  • Austinabad, 
  • Dolly Gunj, 
  • Garacharma, 
  • Prothrapur, 
  • Brijgunj, 
  • Birdline, 
  • Brookshabad, 
  • Calicut, 
  • Makka Pahar, 
  • Lalmitti, 
  • Teyralabad, 
  • Bimbleton Basti No.2, 
  • Bimbliton Basti No.3.`
Bambooflat Sub Division Humfrigunj
  • Humfrigunj, 
  • Dhanikhari, 
  • Coffee Bagicha, 
  • Kala Pathar, 
  • Sippighat, 
  • Bamba Nallah, 
  • Guptapara, 
  • Nayasahar, 
  • Manglutan, 
  • Indira Nagar, 
  • Sita Nagar, 
  • Line Dera, 
  • Manjeri, 
  • Poongi Balu, 
  • Grass Gramyo.
Out Post Reporting
i) Rut Land
  • Old Forest Deera, 
  • 45 Km Basti, 
  • R.M.Point, 
  • Bamboo Nallah, 
  • Kitched Nallah, 
  • Grass Nallah, 
  • Bara Khadi, 
  • Anarkali 
  • Basti, 
  • Sardardeera, 
  • Homio Deera.
  • Dunduspoint,
  • Namunaghar,
  • Hathitapu,
  • Mithakhari,
  • Ograbraj,
  • Port-Mout,
  • Chouldari,
  • Gopal Nagar,
  • Krekabad,
  • Lall Pahar,
  • Habripur,
  • Tusnabad.

Out Post Reporting

i) Ferrar Gunj

  • Saitankari,
  • Aniket,
  • Caddlegunj,
  • Lambakadi,
  • Brindaban,
  • Ferrargunj.

Out Post Reporting

ii) Tirur

  • Collinpur,
  • Temple Myo,
  • Harbetabad,
  • Tirur,
  • Manpur.

JPP Reporting

  • Tirur -1A
  • Tirur No. 4
  • Sona Pahar
  • Hazari Bagh
  • Bambooflat – Bazar,
  • Bambooflat Basti,
  • Shore Point,
  • Medical Pahar,
  • North Bay,
  • Chunna Bhatta,
  • Hope Town,
  • Stewartgunj,
  • Kadakachang,
  • Mathura,
  • Madhuban.

Out Post Reporting

i) Wimberligunj

  • Shoel Bay,
  • Nayapuram,
  • Kanyapuram,
  • Wrightmyo,
  • Malapuram,
  • Mannarghat,
  • Wimberligunj,
  • Lamba Pahar

Out Post Reporting

ii) Mile Tilak

  • Beach Dera,
  • Jingha Nallah,
  • Mile Tilak,
  • Agriculture Form,
  • Forest Dera,
  • Coffee Plot,
  • Jirkatang Upto Potatang (repeater Station)

JPP Reporting

a) Jirkatang No.2

  • From Jirkatang No. 2 to Potatang (Repeater Station)
SDPO (Hutbay/ Swaraj Dweep) Swaraj Dweep
  • Swaraj Dweep No.1, 
  • Swaraj Dweep No.2, 
  • Swaraj Dweep.3, 
  • Govind Nagar, 
  • Kalaipathar, 
  • Vijay Nagar, 
  • Strait Island, 
  • Laurence Island, 
  • Outdrum, Spike 
  • Peel Islands.
Out Post Reporting
ii) Radha Nagar
  • Krishna Nagar, 
  • Ranchi Basti (Forest Camp) 
  • Shyam Nagar, 
  • Ballu Dera
Shaheed Dweep
  • Neil Kendra, 
  • Bharratpur, 
  • Laxmanpur, 
  • Sitapur 
  • Rampur
  • Hutbay, 
  • Herbender Bay, 
  • South Bay, 
  • Netaji Nagar,
  • Jackson Creek, 
  • Hathi Dera, 
  • Kitchad Nallah, 
  • Break Water, 
  • Machi Dera, 
  • Balu Dera, 
  • AHW Colony, 
  • FPDO Colony, 
  • Celon Basti, 
  • Bharti Nagar, 
  • Kali Nagar
Out Post Reporting
i) Ram Krishna Pur
  • R.K.Pur,
  • Vivekanandapur,
  • Ravindra Nagar, 
  • Buttler Bay, 
  • Netaji Nagar-11Km, 
  • Lall Tekri, 
  • Krishna Nallah, 
  • Balu Level, 
  • Janta Tikrey, 
  • Duwank Creek, 
  • Bomela Creek

South Andaman District PS's, OP's & JPP's List

S.No Name of Police Station’s Name of Out Post’s Name of JPP’s
1. Aberdeen    
2. Chatham    
3. Pahargaon Burma Nallah Not Functioning
4. Humfry Gunj
  • Wandoor
  • Rut Land
Wandoor not functioning
5. Shaheed Dweep    
6. Swaraj Dweep
  • Shaheed Dweep
  • Radha Nagar
7. Hutbay Ram Krishna Pur  
8. Ograbraj
  • Ferrar Gunj
  • Tirur
  • Tirur –IA
  • Tirur No. 4
  • Sona Pahar
  • Hazari Bagh
9. Bambooflat
  • Wimberly Gunj
  • Mile Tilak
Jirkatang No. 2

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