The Andaman & Nicobar Police Study Circle (PSC) is a research and analysis circle of A&N Police that focuses on critical issues in policing. PSC will be exploring best practices on fundamental issues such as developing community policing, problem-oriented policing, using technologies to deliver better police services to the community and evaluating crime reduction strategies. PSC strives to advance professionalism in A&N Police, improve the delivery of police services through modern technologies, research & policy development, formulation of effective strategies for tackling crime and thereby making the officers effective leaders at field.

The issues that will be covered/discussed are:

  • The Changing Nature of Crime and Criminal Investigations.
  • Strategies to Build Police-Community Trust and Reduce Crime in Communities.
  • Traffic regulation- SCITMS, use of technology in identifying traffic violations.
  • Smart policing initiative’s.
  • Fire safety norms and modern measures.
  • Cybercrime & related issues.
  • Terror and youth Radicalization.
  • Social media usage by terror outfits
  • Deep and Dark web analysis
  • Overview of Terror groups
  • Fake currency and counterfeits – how to tackle them.
  • Supreme court judgements and guidelines: An Analysis
  • Mass Demonstrations: Best Practices and Lessons Learned
  • Development of Strategies for crowd control
  • Use of technology & tactics for countering public agitation with minimum force
  • Police infrastructure development
  • Law & Order Arrangements – manpower assessment, standard technological requirements for surveillance & monitoring and coordination with other agencies
  • Intelligence collection – methods to gather ground level intelligence through developing human intelligence, use of technology in intelligence collection
  • Guiding principle for investigating sexual crimes and crime against children’s
  • Promoting effective first line supervision at district, police station and beat level
  • Court acquittals and judgements analysis
  • New initiatives on community policing

In addition to conducting research and analysis of these issues, PSC will be publishing monthly reports on recommendations/ findings of the discussed issues. These reports shall be used further to educate hundreds of police officials.

How A&N Police study circle works?

  • On second Saturday of every month a meeting will be organized on a particular issue /topic.
  • Overview and Context setting will be done initially followed by Introduction to the issue /topic by the nominated officer for that topic. After which the issue/topic will be segregated in to small segments, each will be covered in detail by one or more officers who will act as resource person for that topic.
  • A moderator will be invited as the guest, who will be moderating the discussion.
  • The discussions on every segment will begin with officers giving a overview and followed by other officers giving their comment’s, opinions, sharing their experiences and raising queries.
  • ANPSC won’t be dealing with problems in the abstract – it will deal with real problems that real police officers and public experience every day.
  • The issues covered will range from local issues related to Andaman&Nicobar Islands to Pan India level issues and global issues as well.

Why we need it?

  • The study circle programme as a whole empowers police officers to challenge traditional policing practices and enables them to come up with innovative ideas, opinions and suggestion to improve policing in the modern scenario. It helps officers to solve field problems and take action in their own jurisdictions and communities.
  • To develop enthusiasm and instill confidence among police officers.
  • Police officers know that they are part of a larger effort, and they will feel responsible and good about sharing their views.
  • Police officers having different experiences will talk about difficult issues in a safe, respectful way.
  • Once study circle meetings/discussions get started, they usually grow larger and stronger -- officers come to enjoy working together on a common goal.
  • Eventually the reports of the discussions and meetings held will become repository of localized knowledge base for future references.
  • In future if any officer comes to Andaman& Nicobar Islands for first time, he/she will get good grasp of local problems as well as strategies to tackle them , thereby making the police officer effective leader in the field.