Sl.No. Name Of Organisation Date of Implementation/Occurrence Subject
1. Police Fire Service 25-02-2014 Fire person rescued drowning person from sea
2. Home Guard  15.08.2014 HG(R)/131 Petrick Tete rescued drowning child and a lady from sea
3. Police Marine Force 21-12-2014 PMF Staff rescued three persons from sea
4. Police Training School January, 2015 PC/88 B.K. Chaubey Unites a man with his family after 18 yrs.
5. Out Post Tirur 21-01-2015 Out Post Tirur apprehended 11 local Fishermen and 09 Myanmar Nationals from the Jarawa Reserved Area
6. Police Line,Sports 23-02-2015 Achievements of Ms Rajina Kiro, ASI
7. PS Aberdeen 06-03-2015 Burglers Gang Busted-04 arrested.
8. PS Aberdeen 15-03-2015 Shivram Complex Burglary Case-13.
9. PS Pahargaon 03-05-2015 Crackdown of blind murder case.
10. PS Pahargaon 02-06-2015 Operation Muskan.
11. PS Aberdeen 06-06-2015 Rescued 02 Children under Operation Muskan.
12. PS Humfrigunj 28-06-2015 PS Humfrigunj recovered about 40 kgs of body pieces of Sea Turtles
13. Police Marine Force 13-07-2015 Rescued 04 persons in distress at sea.
14. Police Marine Force 13-07-2015 Rescued drowning person from sea.
15. Police Fire Service 31-07-2015 brave work done by Shri Amar Kumar Roy, Assistant Sub Inspector
16. P.S. Bambooflat 30-09-2015 P.S. Bambooflat seized 88 Kgs of sea cucumber
17. PS Kadamtala 15-10-2015 Traced out the missing juvenile.
18. PS Billiground 16-10-2015 Crackdown of night burglary case.
19. Police Line, Sports 11-11-2015 Achievements of Ms. Deborah, Assistant Sub inspector
20. P S Mayabunder 09-12-2015 P S Mayabunder rescued a kidnapped minor girl
21. PS Aberdeen 20-02-2016 Police Rescues Girl Student In Distress
22. PS Ograbraj 17-03-2016 Police Constable helped a victim of road accident during off duty
23. PS Pahargaon 13-04-2016 Timely Avert Of Fire Incident By A&N Police From Major Loss
24. PS Car Nicobar 2016 Self Defense Training For Girl Student
25. Fire Service 2016 Training & Demonstration On First Aid Fire Fighting
26. A & N Police 2016 Events Organised By A & N Police
27. A & N Police 2016 Illicit Ganja Seized By A & N Police
28. Fire Service 06-06-2016 Rescue Operation by A & N Police Fire Service
29. Fire Service 21-07-2016 Fire Rescue Operation at State Transport Service Office Building
30. PS Chatham 20-10-2016 Police Constable Saves One Precious Life at Chatham Jetty
31. Police Training School 03-02-2017 Commendable job by Police personnel Swift action of Police Avented a major incident near RBV School
32. PS Chatham 04-09-2017 Drowning Lady was Saved from Chatham Jetty by Daring Police Personnel
33. A & N Police 23-01-2019 Curtains Drawn on Andaman & Nicobar Police Week Celebrations with Mega ‘Police Utsav’
34. Traffic Police 26-01-2019 Traffic Police Marching Contingent won First Prize in Republic Day Parade-2019
35. A & N Police -- Satark Motorcycles Deployed at Prominent Locations
36. A & N Police -- Parakram Vans Deployed at Strategic Locations
37. A & N Police 24-01-2019 A & N Police Study Circle Inaugurated by Chief Secretary, A & N Administration
38. A & N Police 29-03-2019 Alert Police Officer nabs a Criminal on the Spot
39. Tourist Police -- A & N Tourist Police rededicated itself with new fervour
40. Police Control Room -- Drowning Women Rescued by the Brave Staff of PCR Van
41. A & N Police 28-03-2019 A & N Police Solved Double Murder Case Within 10 Hour
42. A & N Police -- A & N Police Personnel, Who Have Shown Exemplary Dedication in discharging their duties during lockdown of Covid-19 pandemic
43. PS Central Crime Station 09-04-2021 Central Crime Station arrests 04 Drug Peddlers and seizes 31 Kg Meth Amphetamine out of which 29 Kgs recovered from Cinque Island.
44. A & N Police 10-05-2021 Huge quantity of spurious liquor destroyed in jungles by Police Station Rangat.
45. PS Chatham 16-09-2021 Drowning Man saved by Police Personnel.
46. PS Aberdeen 16-09-2021 South Andaman Police recovers Missing Minor Boy within 36 Hours after he went missing.
47. PS Pahargaon 05-11-2021 PS Pahargaon staff crack 03 theft cases in Garacharma within 24hrs.
48. South Andaman District 20-04-2022 South Andaman District Police staff arrest POCSO accused from Rajasthan.
49. PS Pahargaon 09-04-2022 Theft case cracked by PS Pahargaon staff within 24 Hours.
50. PS Pahargaon 17-05-2022 Temple theft case cracked by PS Pahargaon staff within 24 hours.
51. PS Campbell Bay 04-08-2022 Life-Saving act done by ASI Joga Rao.
52. IRBn 04-05-2023 Commando’s Heroic Rescue: saving a Fawn from 11-foot Ditch.
53. PS Mayabunder 24-06-2023 Police Officer HC Sajan’s Heroic Response prevents Disaster.
54. PS Baratang 01-07-2023 Rapid Assistance: On-Duty staff aid injured Elderly Woman.
55. PS Aberdeen 21-07-2023 PS Aberdeen Staff’s Compassionate Act: Aiding an abandoned Lady and Child in Need.
56. PS Swaraj Dweep 11-10-2023 PS Swarajdweep’s Swift Rescue of Lost Trekking Group.
57. PS Baratang 12-10-2023 Pc Bhaskar Rao’s Heroic Rescue at Nilambur Jetty.
58. OP Bakultala 13-11-2023 Home Guard Mary Minj’s Honesty Shines: Rs.10,000 Returned.