Sl.No. Name Of Organisation Date of Implementation/Occurrence Subject
1. Police Fire Service 25-02-2014 Fire person rescued drowning person from sea
2. Home Guard  15.08.2014 HG(R)/131 Petrick Tete rescued drowning child and a lady from sea
3. Police Marine Force 21-12-2014 PMF Staff rescued three persons from sea
4. Police Training School January, 2015 PC/88 B.K. Chaubey Unites a man with his family after 18 yrs.
5. Out Post Tirur 21-01-2015 Out Post Tirur apprehended 11 local Fishermen and 09 Myanmar Nationals from the Jarawa Reserved Area
6. Police Line,Sports 23-02-2015 Achievements of Ms Rajina Kiro, ASI
7. PS Aberdeen 06.03.2015 Burglers Gang Busted-04 arrested.
8. PS Aberdeen 15.03.2015 Shivram Complex Burglary Case-13.
9. PS Pahargaon 03.05.2015 Crackdown of blind murder case.
10. PS Pahargaon 02.06.2015 Operation Muskan.
11. PS Aberdeen 06.06.2015 Rescued 02 Children under Operation Muskan.
12. PS Humfrigunj 28.06.2015 PS Humfrigunj recovered about 40 kgs of body pieces of Sea Turtles
13. Police Marine Force 13.07.2015 Rescued 04 persons in distress at sea.
14. Police Marine Force 13.07.2015 Rescued drowning person from sea.
15. Police Fire Service 31.07.2015 brave work done by Shri Amar Kumar Roy, Assistant Sub Inspector
16. P.S. Bambooflat 30.09.2015 P.S. Bambooflat seized 88 Kgs of sea cucumber
17. PS Kadamtala 15.10.2015 Traced out the missing juvenile.
18. PS Billiground 16.10.2015 Crackdown of night burglary case.
19. Police Line, Sports 11.11.2015 Achievements of Ms. Deborah, Assistant Sub inspector
20. P S Mayabunder 09.12.2015 P S Mayabunder rescued a kidnapped minor girl
21. PS Aberdeen 20.02.2016 Police Rescues Girl Student In Distress
22. PS Ograbraj 17.03.2016 Police Constable helped a victim of road accident during off duty
23. PS Pahargaon 13.04.2016 Timely Avert Of Fire Incident By A&N Police From Major Loss
24. PS Car Nicobar 2016 Self Defense Training For Girl Student
25. Fire Service 2016 Training & Demonstration On First Aid Fire Fighting
26. A & N Police 2016 Events Organised By A & N Police
27. A & N Police 2016 Illicit Ganja Seized By A & N Police
28. Fire Service 06.06.2016 Rescue Operation by A & N Police Fire Service
29. Fire Service 21.07.2016 Fire Rescue Operation at State Transport Service Office Building
30. PS Chatham 20.10.2016 Police Constable Saves One Precious Life at Chatham Jetty
31. Police Training School 03.02.2017 Commendable job by Police personnel Swift action of Police Avented a major incident near RBV School
32. PS Chatham 04.09.2017 Drowning Lady was Saved from Chatham Jetty by Daring Police Personnel
33. A & N Police 23.01.2019 Curtains Drawn on Andaman & Nicobar Police Week Celebrations with Mega ‘Police Utsav’
34. Traffic Police 26.01.2019 Traffic Police Marching Contingent won First Prize in Republic Day Parade-2019
35. A & N Police -- Satark Motorcycles Deployed at Prominent Locations
36. A & N Police -- Parakram Vans Deployed at Strategic Locations
37. A & N Police 24.01.2019 A & N Police Study Circle Inaugurated by Chief Secretary, A & N Administration
38. A & N Police 29.03.2019 Alert Police Officer nabs a Criminal on the Spot
39. Tourist Police -- A & N Tourist Police rededicated itself with new fervour
40. Police Control Room -- Drowning Women Rescued by the Brave Staff of PCR Van
41. A & N Police 28-03-2019 A & N Police Solved Double Murder Case Within 10 Hour
42. A & N Police -- A & N Police Personnel, Who Have Shown Exemplary Dedication in discharging their duties during lockdown of Covid-19 pandemic
43. A & N Police 10-05-2021 Huge quantity of spurious liquor destroyed in jungles by Police Station Rangat.