Misson Statement

The Mission of Andaman and Nicobar Police is to provide quality service in line with the objectives of the Police Force, spelt out in the Police Act and the Andaman and Nicobar Police Manual.

The Priority areas are:-

  • Enhancing investigating and crime solving abilities by use of modern methods in day to day police work.
  • Pro-active community policing for developing a problem solving approach.
  • Strengthening the operational capabilities of the police force through technology intervention.
  • Increased use of Information Technology in police work for effective public interface and transparency in police work.

If police is to be effective, it must not only address the problem of crime and law order but also to preserve public peace and win public trust & confidence including garnering their support for police actions in order to prevent and detect crime in an appropriate manner.

The new Millennium is not only about improvement, it is about a change in the fundamental ways to meet the new and emerging challenges to the Police. We look forward to adoption of modern technology to make police force an efficient, suave, people friendly and professionally competent public service.