It is an immense honour to be entrusted with the leadership of Andaman & Nicobar Islands Police as its Director General.

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands Police force is a shining example of a highly disciplined and motivated force, that prides itself for being in readiness, to face any, and all challenges and always willing to extend a helping hand to Administration and Valiant Armed Forces in all their endeavours.

A true microcosm of India, the officers and personnel of the force, have always dedicated themselves towards their prime responsibility which is to ensure the safety and security of people, in the most ‘Citizen- Centric’ manner. It shall be our endeavour to further enhance this legacy and ensure that Honesty, Honour, Responsiveness and Efficiency remain the pillars, on which policing in the Islands, continues to be based upon.

A firm commitment to completely eradicate the menace of ‘Drug Abuse’ and make Andaman & Nicobar Islands a ‘Drug-Free’ zone shall be one of our immediate and full-thrust responsibility. Maintenance of law & order, ensuring traffic discipline in a rapidly growing road user population, tourist friendly policing in one of India's most attractive tourist destination, disaster management preparedness in a seismically vulnerable geography and actively assisting in maritime security of the nation, shall be our continuing endeavours.

A firm control over Cyber-Crimes, especially by way of building resilience and cyber hygiene, besides, sensitive, professional handling of Crimes against Women & Children, and Senior Citizens will be the areas for bringing in holistic improvement. Induction and seamless adoption of modern technology in all our spheres of work and deeper integration of scientific aids to investigation shall be leveraged as much as possible, to transform it into a ‘SMART’ Police Force that is not only polite, but also firm; not only alert but also accountable; not only techno-savvy but also trained. Capacity Building at all levels and infrastructure development and augmentation of resources will be emphasised.

The well-being of our personnel, upon whose shoulders the glory of our force rests, and their family members, who remain the fundamental and steadfast source of energy and strength, shall be our individual as well as collective responsibility. The physical health and mental well-being of our brave women and men of Police force will be a priority area. Given the trying conditions in which our personnel have to work across the length and breadth of these magnificent Islands, I exhort my fellow officers to lead by example and adopt the most humane approach in our working and public service delivery. We will work together as a cohesive team, to infuse a new dynamism and enthusiasm in our processes and deliveries, so as to create new synergies in under-explored domains of Island policing.

To conclude, I assure the people of the Islands that the Andaman & Nicobar Police is always available at their service, in sync with our motto of being “Nirbhay (Fearless)”, “Nipun (Skilled)”, and “Nishpaksh (Impartial)”. I also look forward to getting greater access, affection, acknowledgement and affiliation from our peace-loving population, especially the youth, in day-to-day working of our force, as well as during crisis situations.

I am confident that together, we would lead our Islands to the pinnacle of harmony, tranquility and prosperity.

‘JAI HIND’