The following Welfare Immigration Related Matters have been operational in A&N Police to provide Financial Assistance to the needy police personnel. The details are:  

A&N Police Loan and Deposit Fund

The Loan and Deposit Fund was initiated in the year 1952 for extending loan facility, as a welfare measure for the employees of Andaman and Nicobar Police.


  1. To enable members to meet traveling expenses on discharge/retirement from service.
  2. To allow, subject to the approval of the Director General of Police, the use of funds by the members for following purposes:
    • For self or dependent family members’ marriage.
    • For construction of own or parents’ house where in the applicant has ordinarily been residing in ordinary course (Subject to the verification of documents).
    • For House Repair / Purchase of House Site. 
    • To meet the expenses while sending and bringing families to and from mainland. 
    • To meet the expenses in connection with illness (Self treatment or any dependent).
    • For any such purpose as the Director General of Police may consider necessary.

Office Bearers:The following are the office bearers of this Loan and Deposit Fund:

    • Administrator- DGP, A&N Islands
    • Member- IGP/DIG (Admn.)
    • Member- SP (AP) 
    • Member- DySP (AP) 
    • Member-VP (PTS)
    • Member- DySP (PHQ)
    • Member- CFO
    • Member- AC (HQ), IRBn
    • Member- One constable each from AP/SAP/PTS/PRO/FB/IRBn/Dist.S/A,N&M,C/N

Source of Money:  The membership fee shall be 20% of the entitled amount/limit fixed for each rank.

Source of Money:

S.No Category of Staff Entitlement amount @20% Membership fee
 1. FCs/PCs/HCs/DRs/Fitters/ASIs(all units)/SIs (all units) 100000.00 100000.00
 2 Inspector/Local DySPs 125000.00 125000.00

The membership fee shall be 20% of the entitled amount / limit fixed for each rank. Category-wise Loan Limit: 

Category-wise Loan Limit:

S.No Category of Staff Limit
 1. FCs/PCs/HCs/DRs/Fitters/ASIs (all units)/SIs (all units) 100000.00
 2 Inspector/DySPs 125000.00

Interest Rate:- The simple interest rate for the above loan shall be charged @ 5% p.a. Recovery Installment:The amount of loan shall be recovered in 36 installments. Similarly the interest of loan shall also be recovered in twenty monthly installments (inclusive of principal loan amount) as per the following chart:   

Recovery Installment:

S.No Category of Staff Limit 36 monthly
 1. FCs/PCs/HCs/DRs/Fitters/ASIs (all units)/SIs (all units) 100000.00  
 2. Inspector/DySPs 125000.00  

Refund of Membership fee:  Membership fee is refunded with simple interest @ 5% p.a after retirement. Staff posted at present: HC - 1 

A&N Police Financial Welfare Scheme

During the year 1991 an Insurance-Cum-Saving Scheme namely “A&N Police Financial Welfare Scheme” was introduced for the benefit of all members of the A&N Police Force.

Objective - 

    • In the event of death of the member in the course of discharge of his duty, the nominee(s) or the legal heir(s) of the member of the Scheme shall be paid a lump sum amount of Rs.2,50,000/- 
    • In the case of natural death of the member during service , the person(s) nominated by the member or the legal heir(s) shall be paid a lump sum amount of Rs.1,00,000/- 
    • Only the amount of insurance cover stipulated in (a) & (b) above would be payable to the dependent of the deceased. No amount on account of contributions made by the member shall be repaid.
    • If a member becomes permanently or completely disabled leading to his removal from service, he/she the member will be compensated with suitable amount not exceeding Rs.70,000/- (as deemed  proper by the managing committee of the scheme ). This amount would in no case be less than the amount as would otherwise have been due to him if he were to cease to be a member of the scheme from the date of the last contribution
    • Rs.10,000/- shall be paid as cremation charges in the event of death of the member during the service
    • The contribution made by the member along with simple interest at 8% shall be refunded to him on his retirement, resignation, removal, dismissal etc. 
    • Financial assistance may also be extended under the scheme @ Rs.500/- p.m. to a member who has been granted EOL (without pay) due to prolonged illness or any incapacitation as a result of some injury or disease when no other leave is due to the individual. However , no claim shall lie as a matter of right and discretion to sanction the financial assistance shall vest in the Managing Committee
    • The Managing Committee reserves the right to refuse benefits payable under the scheme in case where death/disability occurs due to suicide / attempt to suicide, alcoholism or drug dependence on the part of the member. In all such cases, the Managing Committee will return the contribution collected along with the admissible interest only to the nominee(s) or the legal heir(s).

Management of Funds

    • The surplus of the contribution collected from members in a year will be invested in saving instruments, which yield remunerative rate of interest.
    • The contribution collected from the members and the interest earned on the contribution will be utilized to meet the liabilities arising under the scheme. In case of short fall in the funds the DGP may transfer any amount either from the DGP’s Discretionary Fund or any other regimental Fund of A&N Police to meet any contingency. 
    • The Director General of Police may review the operation of the scheme at any time to ensure that the investments are being managed properly

Membership and Subscription:-

    • The scheme is open to all personnel of A&N Police. All members are required to contribute Rs.50/- p.m. irrespective of the rank/post held by the individual. The break-up of the subscription so received will be as follows:-
      • Insurance component (non- refundable) of Rs.15/- from the monthly subscription
      • Saving component Rs.35/- p.m. which will be refunded with simple interest 8% p.a  
    • All subscription will be recovered from the salaries of the members and deposited in the Fund through cheques by the unit accountants concerned. Individual receipts will not be issued to the members.

DGP’s Discretionary Fund 

The objective of the fund is to provide financial assistance to a member of the Fund in the manner and for the purpose indicated below:- Financial Assistance:  (I) Non Refundable

    1. For providing travel expenses of the attendant of the patient of cancer & the patient undergoing surgical procedures related to heart, kidney & lever. (maximum limit Rs. 10,000/-)
    2. For incurring expenses on Lunch/Dinner during official meetings or functions organized at Police House, Police Lines or other Police establishments
    3. Provide financial assistance i.e., Scholarship to police officer/personnel who are desirous of sending their wards for higher studies. Separate rules have been framed.
    4. Provide Honorarium to the Police Band Personnel who are generating income by providing the services of the Band at private functions at prescribed charges. 
    5. Provide Honorarium to the Police personnel who maintain various regimental funds of A&N Police

(II)     Refundable 

    • An interest free refundable financial assistance shall be provided to any member who is in extreme distress due to prolonged illness, heavy loss of property due to Flood, Cyclone, Earthquake or Fire or other natural calamities 
    • To provide interest free financial assistance to the member for higher education of the children
    • The quantum of interest free financial assistance in the circumstances given above will be as shown below: -  


S.No Rank Limit (`)
 1. Police Constable/ Follower Constable 35000.00
 2. Head Constable 40000.00
 3. ASI (all units) 45000.00
 4. SI (all units) 50000.00
 5. Inspector 55000.00
 6. DySP/AC 60000.00


    • For medical treatment/Higher Education of dependents, provided the amount of financial assistance made available to a member shall be recoverable in 30 equal monthly instalments.  However, such a member, if he/she so desires, shall be at liberty to repay the loan amount in a lesser number of instalments or in one go. 
    • To provide interest free financial assistance of Rs.25,000/- (max) to the dependents of the members including widows to start their own cottage industry such as tailoring, embroidery, carpentry, chicken/goat farming, dairy, candle and soap making, grinding of condiments and their packing, cane - craft etc for regular or additional income for their livelihood.

Office Bearers: The following shall be the office bearers of the management committee:

    • President - DGP, A&N Islands
    • Senior Vice President - IGP/DIGP
    • Vice President- SP (AP) 
    • Secretary/ Treasurer- DySP (AP) 
    • Member- DySP (PHQ)
    • Member- DySP(CID)
    • Member- AC (HQ), IRBn
    • Member-CFO
    • Member (one senior most constable)- Dist.SA,M&N,from each AP/SAP/PTS/CN/PRO/FB/IRBn/PMF

Sources of the Fund

    • Current amounts in the Garden, the Band & the Tea Canteen and future earnings thereof.
    • The per annum contribution on voluntary basis from all members will be at the following rates:-  

Sources of the Fund

S.No Rank Limit (`)
 1. DGP Rs. 700/- P.A
 2. IGP/DIGP Rs. 600/- P.A
 3. SP Rs. 500/- P.A
 4. Dy.SP Rs. 450/- P.A
 5. Inspector Rs. 350/- P.A
 6. SI (all units) Rs. 300/- P.A
 7. ASI (all units) Rs. 250/- P.A
 8. HC Rs. 175/- P.A
 9. PC Rs. 125/- P.A
 10. FC Rs. 100/- P.A

A&N Police Welfare and Recreational Club Fund

Objects: The A&N Police Welfare and Recreational Club hereinafter referred to as the ‘Club’ aims at promoting the welfare and recreational activities amongst the personnel (Gazette, Subordinate Police Officers & Follower Constables) of A&N Police.

Membership: The membership of the club shall be open to all gazetted, non-gazetted and follower constables of A&N Police. Sources of the Fund The funds of the club shall comprise of:

    1. Grant-in-aid from the Govt. at rates which may be prescribed by Govt. from time to time.
    2. Subscription for members: 

Subscription for members:

S.No Rank Amount
 1. DGP/IGP Rs. 110.00
 2. DIGP Rs. 85.00
 3. SP/Commandant Rs. 70.00
 4. DySP/PRO/CFO/Asstt.Cmdt. Rs. 60.00
 5. Inspector Rs. 55.00
 6. SI (all units) Rs. 50.00
 7. ASI (all units) Rs. 45.00
 8. HC/PC/CT/FC/Dr./DM/FM/FE etc. Rs. 25.00

A&N Police Brass Band

Band Committee: -A committee for the Police band shall consist of the following

      1. IGP               President
      2. S.P (AP)        Vice President
      3. Dy.SP (AP)    Secretary
      4. R.I                  Member
      5. Accountant   Treasurer
      6. Q.M(S)           Member
      7. S.I.Band         Member
      8. S.I.Line           Member 

Permission to let the band play for public or private function shall be granted by SP (AP) and during his absence Dy.SP (AP) Free supply of band:- The Director General of Police may approve in a very special case to provide band free of cost or at concessional rates at various functions organised by the Govt Department for welfare sports and allied purpose. Rate of Police band for Private function are as under:-

Rs.3000/-Per hour or part there of

Rs.2000/-Per additional hour or part thereof. For Police personnel/Fire Brigade/Police Radio/Irbn staff the subsidized rate are:-

Rs.1500/-Per hour or part there of.

Rs.1000/-per additional hour or part thereof These subsidized rates are available only for the family member’s or other personal ceremonies of Police Personnel.

A& N Police Sports and Recreation Society Fund

Executive Committee:- 

S.No Rank Designation
 1. Inspector General of Police President
 2. Deputy Inspector General of Police Senior Vice President
 3. Superintendent of Police Vice President
 4. Deputy Superintendent of Police (AP) Secretary
 5. Deputy Superintendent of Police (HQ) Member
 6. Deputy Superintendent of Police (IRBn) Member
 7. Reserve Inspector Treasurer/Member

Application of Income and Property:- All the incomes earning movable & immovable property of the society shall be solely utilised and applied towards the promotion of its aim and objects as set forth in the memorandum of association subject to the rules in respect of the expenditure of grant made by the Government from time to time. No part of income and property of the society shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividends, bonus, shares or in any other manner whatsoever to the past or present members or to any person claiming through them. No member of the society shall have any personnel claim on any movable or immovable properties of the society or make profits, whatsoever by virtue of this membership.

Aims & Objects The aims and objects for which the society is established are here under Main Object

    1. To foster feeling of brotherhood, love and mutual help among members.
    2. To afford to its members all the usual privileges, advantages, conveniences.
    3. To provide recreation to member of Police force through facilities for game, sports and band.
    4. To disseminate useful information by collecting, collating compiling printing publishing and distribution by sale, loan or otherwise, books, publications and works of interest or benefit to public.
    5. To work in co-ordination with other organization or societies in any part of the country having objects wholly or partly similar to those of the society in such manner as may be conducive to the attainment of the objects of the society.

Central Police Canteen Andaman and Nicobar Police, Police Lines

Central Police Canteen started functioning at Police Lines in the old Armory building w.e.f. 26/01/2012 for the welfare of working/ retired police personnel and their family members.At present Canteen functioning at Police Family Welfare Centre building at Police Line.

  • Management Committee:- CPC Management Committee is headed by Inspector General of Police as Chairman with nine co-opted members.
  • Supervision: - The Central Police Canteen, A&N Police is being supervised by Dy.SP(AP).
  • Staff posted at present: - Master Canteen: - 01 SI, 01 HC, and 03 PC 

                                        Subsidiary Canteen:- 01 SI, 01 HC, 02 PCs and 02 HG  

  1. Procurements /Purchase: The Master Canteen, A&N Police is acting as a mediator between the Central Office, Central Police Canteen and Subsidiary Canteens and is responsible for all procurements and purchases as per the demands of Subsidiary canteen. The Master Canteen project the demands to the firms registered with the Central Police Canteen only.
  2. Charges: The Master Canteen is charging 1% profit on the supplies made to the Subsidiary Canteen out of which 0.5% of the Developmental Charges is remitted to the Central Office, Central Police Canteen, New Delhi and the remaining 0.5% profit is being kept by the Master canteen for its own improvement.
    The Subsidiary Canteen of the A&N Police is charging only 2% Developmental Charges from the police personnel which will be utilized for the welfare of the police force and for the betterment of the canteen facilities. 
  3. Purchase Limit: Following are the monthly purchase limits for the Police personnel of different ranks for the purchase of consumable goods, provision items, toiletries etc. (except bigger items). 
    • PC & HC  - Upto 7,000/-
    • ASI to Inspector -  Upto 10,000/-
    • GOs - Upto 15,000/-
  4. Withdrawal of Membership : As per the Andaman & Nicobar Police Canteen Rules, 2011 any police personnel found misusing these facilities shall be debarred from using the canteen facility permanently or temporarily for a certain period by the competent authority on the recommendation of the Management Committee.

Police Dispensary

The dispensary was established on 24th Sept 1961. It is situated in Police Lines. Dispensary provides medical assistance to Police personnel and their families.