Policing involves delivery of law enforcement services to the community. The traditional policing models have been largely reactive i.e. responding to calls for police service. The interaction of police with the citizens is thus mostly of an emergency nature when telephone calls are made to 100 number / police stations or otherwise crimes are reported. Police then swings into action. This is the traditional reactive model of law enforcement.

In the recent year there has been a drastic change of policing focusing the police being pro-active in delivering services to the community. Today the police and citizen are to work together to identify and address various issues jointly. As a step towards community policing, the A&N Police has organized regular citizens Committee and Fishermen Watch Group meetings at Police Station, SDPO & SP levels.

Besides these the following steps have been taken by the A & N Police

Community Out Reach Efforts 

Concerns For Elderly People 

Other Initiatives

Initiatives For Women Safety And Child Protection